BCH, IBS, MD,  and OBI courses

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Course Syllabus Title
BCH 395   Independent Work in Biochemistry
BCH 401G





Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BCH 419G  Spring Molecular Basis of Human Disease
BCH 503   Plant Biochemistry (Cross Listed Course)
BCH 601   Special Topics in Molecular and Cellular Genetics (cross listed course)
BCH 604  Spring Structural Biology
BCH 605   Contemporary Neurosciences (cross listed course)

BCH 607

IBS 601

 Fall General Biochemistry I:  Proteins and Metabolism
BCH 608  Spring General Biochemistry II: Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
BCH 610  Spring Biochemistry of Lipids and Membranes
BCH 612 Fall Structure and Function of Proteins and Enzymes
BCH 615   Molecular Biology (cross listed course)
BCH 618 Fall Seminar in Biochemistry
BCH 619 Spring Seminar in Biochemistry
BCH 625 Fall Scientific Communications
BCH 640   Research in Biochemistry
BCH 767   Dissertation Research
BCH 768   Residence Credit for the Master's Degree
BCH 779   Membrane Sciences Colloquium (cross listed course)
BCH 780   Topics in Biochemistry

BCH 812

OBI 812

Fall Dental Biochemistry

BCH 819

MD 819

Fall Medical Biochemistry