Joint Faculty


Joseph Chappell

The Chappell laboratory has a longstanding interest in terpene metabolism and especially those pathways utilizing farnesyl diphosphate (FPP), a key 15 carbon intermediate for the biosynthesis of a very diverse array of outcomes

Luke Bradley

Peptide and protein scaffolds for biotherapeutic discovery and development

Craig Horbinski

Dr. Horbinski is the founder and director of the University of Kentucky Brain Tumor Bank, a co-founder and director of the University of Kentucky Muscle Tissue Bank, and the founder and director of the Solid Tumor Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) clinical laboratory at the University of Kentucky.

Nagaraj Kerur

Natasha Kyprianou

Molecular changes associated with growth deregulation in prostatic diseases

Guo-Min Li

DNA repair in cancer and other human diseases

Zhenyu Li

Molecular mechanisms of platelet activation and thrombosis

Anne-Frances Miller
Enzymatic detoxification, oxidative damage, aging, toxin activation, NMR spectroscopy, enzyme engineering

Deneys R. Van Der Westhuyzen

Lipoprotein receptors and cellular cholesterol regulation