Diversity and Inclusion

The Department welcomes talented individuals of all cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities, and individuals with disabilities.  Diversity and inclusion are foundational principles of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.  We pride ourselves not only on the diversity of ideas in our classrooms and research laboratories, but also on the diversity of people who form the fabric of a department committed to excellence. 

We are dedicated to recruiting underrepresented minority faculty, students, and staff into our community.  

We will ensure mutual respect among all members of the Department. 

We will create and maintain a supportive environment that promotes the physical and mental well-being of our community members so that everyone can meet their full potential. 

We will continue to learn how best to develop such an environment.


The Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Council will advance these goals through concrete steps. The Council encourages feedback and participation from all members of our community.  The Council is happy to provide consultation and feedback to leaders in the department for assistance with promoting inclusivity on their teams and in their work. We also invite applicants for positions in our Department to contact the Council with any questions (listed alphabetically by last name): 


Trevor Creamer (trevor.creamer@uky.edu; faculty)

Jean Branttie (jean.branttie@uky.edu; graduate research assistant)

Rebecca Dutch (becky.dutch@uky.edu; faculty and Chair)

Rebekah Eleazer (rebekah.eleazer@uky.edu; graduate research assistant)

Yvonne Fondufe-Mittendorf (yfondufe@yahoo.com; faculty)

Kathleen O’Connor (kloconner@uky.edu; faculty)

Kanakanagavalli Shravani Prakhya (shravani.prakhya@uky.edu; graduate research assistant)

Wesley Saintilnord (wsa235@g.uky.edu; graduate research assistant)

Alexis Smith (alexis.smith26@uky.edu; graduate research assistant)

Caroline Smith (caroline.smith2@uky.edu; graduate research assistant)

David Watt (dwatt@uky.edu; faculty)

Zachary Williamson (zachary.williamson@uky.edu; graduate research assistant)