Graduate Student Research

Biochemistry graduate students are well trained in various specialized research areas and in biochemistry in general. Students prepare and present their research at local conferences and seminars, at national meetings, and certainly in journal publications.

Each year, graduate students present a departmental seminar on an interesting area of research in which they do not directly work. This gives the student the ability to learn more about other fields of research as well as develop presentation skills that are crucial as preparation for the thesis defense and for job interviews.

Students can also informally present their own research data to other graduate students in monthly Data Club meetings. This gives a student an opportunity to get feedback and advice on their projects from other students.

Finally, there are numerous invited speaker seminars and faculty interview seminars that students are encouraged to attend. Each year, students also select and invite one speaker from outside the University and take part in hosting and introducing this speaker. These are great opportunities for students to learn current research in other fields and to make contacts for possible postdoctoral positions and/or industry positions.