Core Faculty


Douglas A. Andres

Regulation of Ras G-protein signaling.

Jessica Blackburn

Identifying new anti-cancer targets using zebrafish models

Trevor Creamer

Structural and biophysical studies of calcineurin regulation

Robert Dickson

Signal transduction pathways and cellular processes that regulate aging and lifespan.

Rebecca E. Dutch

Mechanism of membrane fusion promoted by viral fusion proteins

Yvonne Fondufe-Mittendorf

Molecular mechanism of transcription regulation through studies on chromatin structure.

Mike G. Fried

The assembly of protein-DNA and protein-protein complexes that mediate DNA repair, transcription and blood clotting

Emilia Galperin

Functional cross-talk between endocytic and signaling cellular machineries and how this applies to cancer development.

Tianyan Gao

Regulation of PHLPP and its role in tumorigenesis

Matthew Gentry

Glucan phosphatases link neurodegenerative disease with biofuels research

Louis Hersh

Neuropeptidases - their role in Alzheimer's disease and diabetes.

Jianhang Jia

Hedgehog signaling and its role in cancer.

Konstantin V. Korotkov

Structural biology of ESX secretion system from pathogenic mycobacteria.

Harry LeVine

Relationship of protein misfolding to disease

Chunming Liu

Wnt signaling in cancer and stem cells

Michael Mendenhall

Cell division

Hunter N. Moseley

Developing computational methods in the areas of metabolomics, systems biochemistry, and structural biology.

Paul Murphy

Alzheimer's Disease Molecular Biology

Kathleen O'Connor

Integrin signaling in carcinoma cell motility and invasion

Sabire Ozcan

Glucose regulation of transport, metabolism and gene expression in diabetes

David Rodgers

Structural enzymology, protein engineering, and drug design

Kevin Sarge

Protein sumoylation, gene bookmarking, and their roles in human disease

Peter Spielmann

Structure of damaged DNA and its role in carcinogenesis; function of post-translational modification in signal transduction

Stefan Stamm

Mechanism of alternative splicing; Signal transduction pathways regulating alternative splicing; Alternative (mis)splicing and disease

Sam Turco

Glycobiology, Molecular Parasitology and Pathogenesis

Craig Vander Kooi

Cell Signaling & Tumor Angiogenesis

Charles Waechter

Mechanism of transbilayer movement of polar lipids in the rough endoplasmic reticulum; regulation of protein N-glycosylation

David Watt

Development of new synthetic methods, the synthesis of natural products and the development of photoactive analogs of natural products for elucidating receptor binding; and the synthesis of various drugs and natural products for studying interesting biological problems in collaboration with colleagues.

Sidney W. Whiteheart

Molecular mechanisms of exocytosis

Peter Zhou

Mechanisms of cancer cell metastasis.

Haining Zhu

Proteomics of Metal Ion Homeostasis and Neurodegenerative Disease