DGS Corner

Reading: Presentation Zen

Giving presentations is a big part of being a scientist. Even in industry. Anyone can give a talk. Not everyone can give a really effective talk. Taking all your fantastic

Tool time: PubMed, RSS, and Feedly

I'm sure you all make use of PubMed (and probably

Reading: Work Simply

This month's book is "Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style" by Carson Tate

Tool time: Electronic note taking

This month I want to talk about electronic notebook software.* These apps have become extremely powerful and are something you definitely should consider having in your

Reading: Turn this ship around!

This months reading takes a decidedly nautical turn. L. David Marquet's "Turn this ship around!"

Tool time: Todo lists and reminders

This is episode two of tool time. As promised, this one is about todo lists. And the related tool, reminders. As with all these things, it doesn’t matter whether you use

Reading: The No A$$hole Rule

Next up on my recommended reading list is Robert I. Sutton's “The No Asshole Rule.”

Tool time: Calendars

In addition to the one on useful reading, you’re going to get another monthly post from me. This is the first. I’m going to blather on about some tools you might find

Reading for fun, profit, or just whatever

Each month I am going to suggest reading (mostly non-science related) that I think you might find useful or at least interesting. These will typically be books I’ve read