Message from the Chair

Modern medicine is advancing at an astounding rate, as new scientific knowledge provides fundamental insight into how biological systems work, leading inevitably to advancements in the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease. Biochemistry is fundamental to this progress because, as a discipline, it seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying both normal and pathogenic processes. In the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, we see biochemistry as a critical element in devising novel strategies for maintaining human health and combating disease.

As a faculty we have two equally important missions. These are to promote outstanding research with a focus on understanding the molecular basis of fundamentally important life processes to advance innovative new therapies and provide the highest quality training for the next generation of biomedical research scientists. We are committed to assisting PhD students in the development of their writing and public speaking skills and as bench scientists. The department provides a supportive working environment, with a friendly atmosphere, a highly innovative and interactive group of 45 faculty (both primary and joint), 30 graduate students, and numerous postdoctoral fellows and staff dedicated to understanding life at the biochemical, genetic and cellular level. With $7.6M in extramural support the department ranks in the top twenty in NIH funding among biochemistry departments in public medical schools. Using cutting-edge technologies and experimental systems, ranging from modern biochemical and biophysical methods to cellular and organismal analyses, our distinguished faculty is focused on elucidating the molecular events involved in diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, aging, and to investigate the essential properties of disease-causing viruses and protozoan pathogens.

On behalf of the entire Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I invite you to explore these web pages, which provide information on our research and education missions, and to contact individual faculty for more information about the range of exciting research opportunities in modern biochemistry. Please feel free to come by and visit.


Douglas A. Andres, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair