Positions Available

Employment within the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Douglas A. Andres

Regulation of Ras G-protein signaling.

Matthew Gentry

Elucidating the role of phosphorylation and ubiquitination in neurodegenerative disease

Sabire Ozcan

Glucose regulation of transport, metabolism and gene expression in diabetes

Peter Spielmann

Structure of damaged DNA and its role in carcinogenesis; function of post-translational modification in signal transduction

Stefan Stamm

Mechanism of alternative splicing; Signal transduction pathways regulating alternative splicing; Alternative (mis)splicing and disease

Thomas Vanaman

Intracellular calcium homeostasis and signaling

Qingjun Wang

Molecular mechanism of mammalian autophagy and its relevance to human diseases; neurodegeneration/cancer/aging; proteomics.

David Watt

Development of new synthetic methods, the synthesis of natural products and the development of photoactive analogs of natural products for elucidating receptor binding; and the synthesis of various drugs and natural products for studying interesting biological problems in collaboration with colleagues.

Sidney W. Whiteheart

Molecular mechanisms of exocytosis