Undergraduate Research Opportunities

For summer undergraduate research opportunities for UK and non-UK students that are citizens or permanent US residents, please visit the REU site. For undergraduate research opportunities for UK students during the academic year, see the list below:
BCH 395 Independent Work in Biochemistry
Undergraduate students interested in performing research for credit within the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry can do so by registering for BCH 395. Before registering, students MUST contact the faculty member they wish to work with and obtain their permission. Faculty contact information and research interests can be found at https://biochemistry.med.uky.edu/biochem-core-faculty.
NSF-REU Summer Program
The summer program in the Biochemical Sciences at the University of Kentucky is a ten-week program that involves undergraduates in cutting-edge biochemical research. The goal of the Program is to encourage student participants to pursue careers in the biochemical sciences. A wide variety of projects are offered, including research in structural biology, biophysics, proteomics, protein and nucleic acid chemistry, membrane biochemistry, and molecular biology. See here for more information.